Capital repair of apartments, houses

Overhaul of apartments and houses is a complex of works related to the replacement and repair of all engineering systems, exterior and interior decoration of the premises. Such repairs are carried out in the case when the house is already old, needs capital renovation or restoration of housing after a flood or fire.

Overhaul can include such stages as:

  • Inspection of engineering networks and systems - electricity, water supply, heating, sewage, ventilation (If necessary, they are replaced or repaired).
  • Removal of old decoration - removal of old plaster, wall and floor coverings.
  • Performance of surface preparation for decoration - insulation of walls, ceiling, floor, replacement of windows and doors.
  • Application of new decoration - installation of new plaster, painting of walls, installation of new floor coverings.
  • Installation of new sanitary ware, replacement of sewage and water pipes.
  • Performance of electrical installation works - installation of new wiring and sockets.
  • Installation of a heating and ventilation system - installation of a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

After major repairs, the home becomes comfortable for living and provides comfort and safety for your family. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you with the major repair of your home!