Commercial construction

Construction of commercial facilities from BPP Nominal

Commercial real estate construction is a complex and multi-stage process. That is why it is important to turn to experienced professionals. Nominal accompanies clients at all stages of creating a new building: from design to commissioning of the finished commercial facility.

What is included in the category of "commercial facilities"?

Commercial real estate is real estate where goods are sold or services are provided. It can be:

  • offices;
  • shopping and entertainment center;
  • public catering establishments: cafes, restaurants, canteens;
  • sports complexes;
  • medical institutions;
  • hotels;
  • shops and trade pavilions;
  • warehouses, etc.

The price of services is calculated on an individual basis, as it depends on the specific requirements and wishes of the customer, as well as financial capabilities, technical equipment and project complexity.

When determining the total cost of the work, it includes all stages of project development and approval:

  • preparation for the construction process;
  • laying the foundation and frame of the building;
  • installation of heat and sound insulation materials;
  • arrangement of the roof;
  • arrangement of all communications: electricity, water supply, heating, etc;
  • installation of doors and windows;
  • interior and exterior finishing;
  • screed pouring.

The total cost also depends on the materials used by the builders, as well as transportation costs and construction technologies.

Stages of construction of commercial facilities

Specialists of BPP Nominal carry out the construction of commercial facilities in several successive stages:

  1. Project development. It is necessary to prepare all regulatory documents and coordinate the details directly with the customer. Financial capabilities, wishes for the future facility, etc. are assessed.
  2. Site selection. Construction in the city of Chernihiv requires a competent choice of the location of the future facility. We take into account the availability of utilities, development prospects of the area, its surroundings (list of enterprises or other infrastructure).
  3. Geological expertise and preparation of primary documentation. In the city of Chernihiv, construction must be coordinated with the relevant services. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain all permits from fire and sanitary inspections.
  4. Drawing up a construction scheme and the actual construction of the building.
  5. Handing over the finished object.

Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise, has been creating facilities of various types and complexity for over 27 years. This includes commercial construction. On our website, you can order all services, including design, maintenance, landscaping, or the construction of administrative, retail, office, warehouse, or industrial buildings.

We use innovative technologies and modern methods, and guarantee an individual approach to each order, as well as fast and high-quality results.