Construction of houses and cottages

Construction of houses and cottages is the process of construction of residential buildings of various types and sizes, from small houses to large cottages.

This service includes a full cycle of work from design to commissioning. Special attention is paid to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness during the construction of houses and cottages.

In the process of building houses and cottages, specialists perform the following types of work:

  • Designing - development of a project of a house or cottage taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.
  • Preparatory work - preparation construction site, including cleaning and marking the territory, laying out communications, construction of temporary structures and other works.
  • Construction works - execution of works on the construction of the foundation, walls, floors, roof and other constructions of the building.
  • Installation of engineering networks - installation of water supply, heating, ventilation, sewerage and power supply systems.
  • Interior and exterior decoration - execution of wall and floor finishing works, installation of windows and doors, arrangement of bathrooms and other premises.
  • Landscape design and beautification of the territory - implementation of landscaping works, arrangement of paths, installation of global and landscape lighting and other works.

Our company uses modern technology ologies and materials to ensure the quality and efficiency of works. We offer various project options, from classic to modern architectural solutions.