Construction of modular houses

Construction of modular buildings is a service that includes the construction of temporary or permanent buildings from modular blocks.

Modular buildings can be used as office space, residential buildings, medical facilities, canteens, shopping centers and others types of structures.

One of the main advantages of modular buildings is the speed of construction. The construction of such buildings can be carried out much faster than in the construction of traditional houses from ordinary materials. This is possible thanks to the fact that modular blocks are already manufactured at the factory and delivered to the construction site ready for installation.

In addition to the speed of construction, modular houses have another important advantage - mobility. This means that such buildings can be easily dismantled and moved to another location where they can be re-erected and used.

Modular houses are of several types depending on their purpose and size. Some of these include:

  • Office Modular Buildings: These can be used as permanent offices or as temporary buildings for construction, fairs and other events.
  • Residential Modular Buildings: These can be single-story or larger buildings consisting of several floors that can be used for temporary or permanent residence of people.
  • Medical modular buildings: These buildings are used as hospitals, clinics or laboratories. They may contain doctors' offices, sick wards and other auxiliary premises necessary for medical use.
  • Tourism and recreation buildings: These buildings are used as mini-hotels, campsites, tourist bases and other facilities for recreation.

The modular houses we assemble are of high quality and durability, meet the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency. We offer competitive prices and ensure that the work is completed within the specified time frame.