Construction of swimming pools

Pool construction consists in creating a functional, comfortable and safe area for swimming, recreation and entertainment and includes the following stages:

Construction of swimming pools from BPP "Nominal"

Often, owners decide to arrange a recreation area on the adjacent territory. One of the most popular services is the construction of swimming pools. Such tanks can be used for sports, recreation or entertainment.

Pools should be safe, comfortable and practical, not take up much space, and meet all norms and standards. The Nominal company is engaged in the arrangement of turnkey swimming pools and takes on projects of any complexity.

How is the construction of swimming pools

The process of arranging swimming pools in the local area can be divided into several main stages:

  1. A pool construction project. It is created in such a way as to take into account sanitary standards, the area of the adjacent territory, the requirements and wishes of the customer, the financial capabilities of the client, soil composition, etc.
  2. Preparatory work. It involves thoroughly cleaning the site and laying all the necessary utilities. Pools can also be installed inside a building.
  3. Directly arranging the tank, as well as all the necessary auxiliary systems. The key to clean pool water is modern filters, which are also installed at this stage.
  4. Arrangement of stairs, lighting and other additional details.
  5. Commissioning, testing of the finished result and handing over the facility after it is ready for operation.

You can choose the shape and style of the tank yourself. These can be classic round or rectangular pools, as well as curly formats in a non-standard configuration. The most popular styles are classic and modern.

Additionally, you can order the arrangement of the area around the pool.

Tips for arranging pools

To make your time in the pool enjoyable, you need to think carefully about a few things:

  1. Location of the tank. It is better to arrange the pool in the sun or where there is no constant shade. It is not recommended to place the tank in front of the house, but rather in the backyard and a little further away from trees so that their roots do not damage the base of the bowl over time.
  2. The size of the pool depends on the number of people living in the house, as well as the purpose of the tank. For recreation, the size is selected based on the area of the territory. For sports, treatment or recreation, international norms and standards are used.
  3. The material must be resistant to dirt, mechanical damage, ultraviolet rays, etc.

Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise, has been working in the construction market for over 27 years and has an individual approach to each order. We know all the nuances and rules of pool construction, use modern technologies and durable materials. The cost of the project is calculated individually after agreeing on all the details. Our specialists take into account the financial capabilities of customers, the area of the adjacent territory, as well as all the requirements and wishes of customers.