Construction of warehouse facilities

The construction of warehouse facilities is an important stage in the creation of an optimal infrastructure for the storage and distribution of goods and materials. Warehouses can be used to store food, medical drugs, building materials, car parts and other various equipment and goods.

An additional advantage during the construction of warehouses is the possibility of their adaptation to changing business needs. We will help develop projects that allow you to easily change the size and configuration of buildings depending on your needs.

There are several types of warehouse buildings, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • Store warehouses - intended for storage and sale of goods at the place of storage;
  • Logistics warehouses - used to store goods that need to be quickly sent to various destinations;
  • Refrigerated warehouses - intended for storing food products and other goods that require cold storage;
  • Industrial warehouses - used to store raw materials and finished products of manufacturing enterprises;
  • Conservation warehouses - intended for storage and processing of products that require special storage conditions , for example, canned food;
  • Unloading and loading complexes - intended for cargo transportation and storage of goods that can be transported by road, rail or water transport;

Our company has experience in the design and construction of warehouse facilities of various complexity. All work is carried out taking into account the specifics of the customer's business and its goals.

Our qualified employees ensure compliance with the requirements of technical norms and safety standards during construction, using modern materials and technologies that ensure high quality and efficiency of buildings.