Current repair of buildings and structures

Current maintenance is a service for preserving and restoring the operational properties of buildings, structures and engineering networks.

Current maintenance is carried out with the aim of preventing damage and destruction, which can lead to significant costs for capital repairs.


Routine maintenance of buildings and structures

During the operation of a building, it is impossible to fully protect individual elements from damage, pollution, etc. To maintain the functionality of a building, its practicality and all its aesthetic characteristics, it is not necessary to bring it to the point of major repairs. It will be much cheaper and faster to carry out periodic maintenance.

It does not take as long and is not as expensive as major repairs. However, even such small changes can significantly improve the building, make it more functional and convenient.

The Nominal company carries out routine maintenance of buildings and structures of any type. Specialists restore the operational properties of a house or apartment, engineering networks, etc.

Why do you need a building maintenance?

Routine maintenance is one of the important conditions for the operation and maintenance of buildings. It is aimed at maintaining the appearance and all functional properties of the building and is performed in order to extend its service life and reduce the subsequent costs of capital restoration work.

Often, people decide to do their own repairs. After all, this process is not so complicated compared to capital works. However, this is a big mistake, as even such minor changes and restoration of a building should be entrusted exclusively to professionals. In this case, you can keep the facility in good condition for as long as possible.

Timely maintenance saves a lot of money. And most importantly, it makes the building as safe as possible, as it prevents emergency conditions and failure of technical systems.

What does the maintenance of buildings and structures consist of?

Services for the maintenance of buildings and structures of various types include, in particular:

  • replacement of windows or doors;
  • complete replacement of plumbing: toilet, bathroom, washbasin, etc;
  • reorganization of engineering solutions: electrical wiring or ventilation;
  • installation or dismantling of heating systems and air conditioners;
  • finishing walls, floors, ceilings.

Additionally, repairs include the exterior decoration of the building. This may include, in particular, restoring the attractive appearance of the roof, facade or ancillary facilities located on the adjacent territory, etc.

How to order maintenance of buildings and structures

Nominal, a diversified private enterprise, has been in the construction market for over 27 years. During this time, we have managed to prove that we perform all work on time and with high quality.

The wide range of services includes routine maintenance of premises of any size and type. Our specialists coordinate all work with the customer, guaranteeing an individual and responsible approach.

The cost of the work is calculated individually and will depend on the complexity of the tasks, the timing of their implementation, individual wishes of the client, etc. The price is calculated after agreeing on all the details immediately before the repair.