Design of buildings

Building design is a complex and responsible process that precedes the construction of any structure. Its purpose is to develop a detailed construction project that includes all the necessary data about the structure, electricity consumption, ventilation, water supply and other engineering systems.

Building design from Nominal BPP

Design is a stage that precedes the construction or reconstruction of any type of facility. It is important to entrust the creation of project documentation to responsible and experienced specialists who will take care of compliance with all regulations and international standards, take into account all important aspects for construction: data on the functioning and filling of the structure, engineering communications, etc.

Nominal performs building design for any type of construction, prepares a project to meet regulatory requirements and takes into account all customer wishes.

What is building design?

Building design is a whole range of tasks, the main purpose of which is to create a detailed description of a new facility. The project is prepared both before the initial construction and for the reconstruction or modernization of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The main tasks facing designers include:

  • development of technical specifications for further construction works, as well as planning of engineering and architectural communications;
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and obtaining permits from the relevant authorities;development of drawings of the future facility.
  • Calculation of the estimated cost of works.

Designing buildings: what objects are created by Nominal

Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise, develops projects of all types of structures:

  1. Residential buildings. When creating a project, the number of living rooms and auxiliary rooms, their layout relative to each other is taken into account. We also develop engineering communications and describe interior and exterior finishes.
  2. Catering establishments, as well as commercial and industrial buildings: warehouses, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. Here, specific requirements arise, such as convenient parking, access, compliance with fire safety standards, etc.
  3. Retail space. We develop projects for any type of building: from small shops to multi-storey shopping and entertainment centers. When creating a project, we plan the premises, divide them into separate sections and zones.

How to order building design services

If you want to order a building design, just leave your phone number by filling out an application on the website of the multidisciplinary private enterprise Nominal. Our consultants will call you back in a few minutes and familiarize you with all the services performed by our specialists.

We also help with the creation of the project and guarantee an individual approach (we take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer). By calling us, you can get answers to all your questions about the design of buildings of any type: commercial, residential, industrial, etc.

The cost of projects is calculated individually and will depend on the terms of the order, the complexity of the work, the individual wishes of the client, the type of object, etc.