Landscaping is a complex of services related to landscaping and solving issues of functional and aesthetic design of territories. Landscaping involves the creation of comfortable conditions for rest, entertainment and walks, as well as improving the quality of everyday life of the population.

The stages of improvement may vary depending on the specific area and project, but the main stages may include:

  • Preparatory work: assessment of the condition of the area, development of the concept of improvement, data collection and study of conditions.
  • Project development: at this stage, our engineers and architects create a project that includes landscape planning, selection of materials, location of paths and recreation areas, lighting installations and other elements.
  • Obtaining permits: for any construction work must be authorized by the relevant authorities.
  • Construction work: this stage includes construction work such as earthworks, paving, installation of landscape elements, etc.
  • Final works: the last stage includes landscaping the territory, planting plants and other additional works.

Our company provides landscaping services, offers various solutions for landscaping the territories: from the creation of landscape designs to the installation of fountains, sculptures and other decor.

We provide services for the design and installation of: paths, lighting, benches, sports grounds, gazebos, etc. We work with various Customers: local authorities, entertainment complexes, private individuals, etc., we use modern technologies and materials to ensure the quality and efficiency of work.