Overhaul of buildings and structures

Overhaul is a type of construction work, which consists in comprehensive reconstruction and restoration of buildings that have undergone significant wear and tear, have serious defects or loss of functionality. Capital repairs allow to completely restore the functionality, safety and appearance of buildings.

Major repairs may be necessary for buildings of any category, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It can include such works as replacing roofs, walls, floors, carrying out electrical installation works, plumbing, installation of heating and air conditioning systems, as well as drainage works, interior and exterior finishing works, and others.

The quality of capital repairs depends on the qualifications of specialists, architects, engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers and other specialists, their experience in various fields of construction.

Our company performs capital repairs, we offer a full a range of works, starting with the assessment of the condition of the building and ending with putting it into operation after the completion of repairs. We will ensure that work is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards.

So, if you need major repairs of buildings and structures, you can contact the Construction Company "Nominal". Our qualified specialists will assess the condition of the building, offer optimal repair solutions and prepare a detailed estimate of the work. The company will ensure the performance of works in accordance with regulatory requirements, observing the proper quality of the terms of performance of works.