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Private construction from BPP Nominal

Many Ukrainians dream of owning a cozy and spacious home. And Nominal can make your dreams come true. At the same time, we can do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The construction of private buildings is a complex process that requires a professional and thorough approach.

We take into account all international and national norms and standards, as well as individual customer wishes and current trends when creating residential buildings.

All private construction services

Your home should be a place that exudes coziness and comfort. It is important that all family members feel comfortable in the house. That is why it is necessary to adhere to an individual approach when developing private construction projects.

We carry out private construction using several of the most popular methods:

  1. A classic format for building houses and cottages. From designing, studying the land plot and preparing the territory to building a house, interior and exterior decoration, and even landscape design.
  2. Construction of modular houses. A modern method of creating residential facilities that involves the use of separate modular blocks. It allows completing construction in the shortest possible time, reducing the cost of work and the amount of construction waste, and simplifying the process of handling buildings.

Nominal's specialists are also engaged in a separate area:

  1. Construction of a swimming pool: searching for a suitable location, selecting materials, designing and arranging a recreation area in the adjacent territory.
  2. Major repairs of residential premises: from multi-storey spacious houses to apartments.
  3. Reconstruction of damaged residential buildings, their redevelopment, expansion of the area, etc.

How the construction of private buildings is carried out

Whatever type of housing you choose: a small modular house or a multi-storey cottage made of wood or brick, the entire period of cooperation with Nominal can be divided into several main stages:

  1. Development of the project, which takes into account all norms and standards, as well as individual wishes of the customer.
  2. Preparation of the construction site, study of the territory, laying of all necessary communications.
  3. Arrangement of temporary structures.
  4. Actual construction work: from scratch to completion.
  5. Laying of all engineering communications according to the previously created plan.
  6. Interior and exterior decoration of the house.
  7. Arrangement of the adjacent territory: landscaping, laying paths, lighting, etc.

On our website, you can learn about all the services offered by Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise. Having been in the construction market for over 27 years, we have gained the trust of our customers and have extensive experience in performing tasks of any complexity.

Our experts will advise you on all issues and help you determine the characteristics of the future building, based on your wishes and financial capabilities.

Frequently asked questions, FAQ

Construction is a complex process that involves a large number of variables, which significantly eats into the cost. To be able to adequately estimate the cost of project implementation, it is necessary to first develop the project and/or estimate part. This is the base on the basis of which a competitive offer is provided.
You pay for your time, we are a company, not a team. If you purchase services/works on a competitive basis, we are ready to provide our offer.