Reconstruction of apartments, houses

Reconstruction of apartments and houses includes more profound changes (as opposed to major repairs), for example, re-planning of rooms, addition of new premises, replacement of structural elements of the building and increase of living space.

Reconstruction of houses and apartments

A house or apartment should be practical, comfortable, and cozy for all family members. In some situations, even a major renovation is not enough to create a space that is comfortable for everyone.

In such cases, there is a growing need for more fundamental changes, such as the reconstruction of an old house or apartment. It should be carried out in accordance with modern norms and standards, as it involves a radical change of the object, its improvement and redevelopment.

Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise, carries out all the work on the reorganization of living spaces. The reconstruction of apartments and houses is carried out by experienced specialists who know all the rules, prepare project documentation and obtain all necessary permits.

When you need to reconstruct houses and apartments

The reconstruction of a residential building is carried out in order to:

  1. Improve the functionality of the building, making it comfortable for all family members.
  2. Increase the space. Often, a house reconstruction project also includes the creation of additional rooms that are added to an already existing functioning building.
  3. Replace all old damaged or unnecessary elements with new ones.
  4. Fully or partially redesign the rooms, increase or decrease their number within the available area of the house or apartment.

How much does it cost to reconstruct houses or apartments

The reconstruction of a residential building or apartment consists of several stages and should be carried out exclusively by professionals with extensive experience in this field. The cost of the work is usually calculated on an individual basis, as it will depend on:

  1. Specific tasks that the customer sets for the company.
  2. Materials that will be used in the arrangement of a house or apartment.
  3. The complexity of the project. The same job, for example, redesigning a room, may require a lot of time and effort, or it may be simple and quick.

For detailed information on prices, please contact the company's employees. We develop a home renovation project based on the financial capabilities of our clients. Therefore, plan in advance the budget that you are ready to set aside for the redevelopment of the building.

How are residential buildings reconstructed?

The reconstruction of a private house or apartment is carried out in several successive stages:

  • coordination of all tasks;
  • preparation of project documentation;
  • calculation of the final cost of the work object;
  • preparatory work: examination and cleaning of the territory, removal of old finishing material, etc;
  • Reconstruction works;
  • putting the facility into operation.

Nominal has extensive experience, including in the reconstruction of apartments and private houses. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, deliver the object on time and help at every stage: from choosing materials to preparing documents.