Reconstruction of buildings

Reconstruction of buildings is the process of changing an existing building in order to increase its efficiency, ensure safety and long-term use.

Reconstruction may include changing the functional purpose of the building, increasing its area, improving the building's compliance with regulatory requirements legal documents, as well as improving energy efficiency. Reconstruction of buildings is an important stage, as it ensures compliance of the object with modern requirements.

High-quality reconstruction of the building by Nominal BPP After several years of active use, a building may lose not only its attractive appearance but also its functional properties, i.e., cease to be practical and efficient for use. In this case, the reconstruction service becomes relevant, which consists in improving and updating the building for its further use. The reconstruction of buildings and structures consists of various processes that are agreed upon before the start of work. Everything will depend on the condition of the object, as well as the requirements and wishes of the customer. Nominal has been on the market for more than 27 years and offers, among other things, reconstruction services for various types of facilities. We take into account all international and domestic norms and standards, perform all work on time and use high-quality materials and new technologies. What is a building reconstruction? Building reconstruction is a series of works aimed at changing an existing structure. It is carried out to improve the characteristics of an existing facility, make it more energy efficient, safe, practical and beautiful. The cost of the work is calculated individually and will depend mainly on the list of works at the facility. It can be: Change of functional purpose. Transfer of an object from one category to another. Expansion of the building area by means of an extension. Redevelopment of the building in accordance with the current and effective regulatory documents. Complete redevelopment of the interior space. Changing the number of premises, their area and purpose. The reconstruction process can be divided into several main types: complete - redevelopment of the building from scratch; partial - only certain elements of the building are modified. How the building is reconstructed The entire process of reconstruction of industrial, commercial or office buildings can be divided into several stages: Assessment of the building's condition, verification of its compliance with regulations; creation of a building reconstruction project; preparation and dismantling of old finishing materials, unnecessary structures, etc; Direct work on the reconstruction of the building: adding new premises or rooms, arranging communication systems according to a new principle, etc; external and/or internal finishing; commissioning of the facility. How to order a building reconstruction Reconstruction of buildings and structures is a complex and lengthy process that should be entrusted to true professionals in this field. Nominal, a multidisciplinary private enterprise, uses modern innovative technologies and guarantees an individual approach to the fulfillment of each order. To use the services of specialists, you need to request a feedback. To do this, just provide your phone number. Our consultants will contact you as soon as possible, answer all your questions and agree on all the details regarding the modification of any type of structure. We also provide professional building condition assessment services and develop project documentation.